Album Cover
Up the Dosage
Nashville Pussy
Released: Jan 21, 2014
Label: SPV | Steamhammer
Track Listing
1 Everybody's Fault But Mine
2 Rub It To Death
3 Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone
4 The South Is Too Fat To Rise Again
5 Before The Drugs Wear Off
6 Spent
7 Beginning Of The End
8 Up The Dosage
9 Taking It Easy
10 White And Loud
11 Hooray For Cocaine
12 Pillbilly Blues
13 Pussy's Not A Dirty Word

Liner Notes


Limited deluxe edition includes two bonus tracks. 2014 release from the Atlanta-based sleazy rockers. Up The Dosage picks up seamlessly where their 2009 release From Hell To Texas left off. And what is more: the quartet's five-year hiatus seems to have done frontman Blaine Cartwright (vocals, guitar) and Ruyter Suys (guitars) good - all the songs sound like they were catapulted into to the public from a fountain of youth, rocking in typical Pussy style. Blaine Cartwright is rightly proud of and unmistakably happy about the new material. "None of the previous Nashville Pussy albums have been as diverse and at the same time consistent," he said. "Everything sounds even bigger and better, yet raw and authentic through and through. This is our Back In Black!"



"Raw, Clever & Tough-as-Nails" - HEAVY METAL Heavy Metal
"...raw, clever, tough-as-nails offering of greasy-spoon rock’n’roll that feels like Skynyrd for the depraved and Motörhead drunk on moonshine – the perfect background music for nude motorcycle rallies and whiskey-drinking competitions." [Read More...]
Nashville Pussy – Up The Dosage
Legendary Rock Interviews
"Up The Dosage starts off like a kick to the head, and never lets go. " [Read More...]
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