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Holy Shit! Live NASHVILLE PUSSY from 1998. This recording captures the band during the inception of their raw adolescent fury. This shit is on fire. Recorded at a festival in RENNES France. We haven't found our volume knobs or everything just is fused on 10 from sweat. It sounds like we are trying to kill the audience or at least beat them into submission. This is the best recording we've ever heard of our early years and we had to share it with you. Our first French appearance! We play pretty much all the classics from LET THEM EAT PUSSY as well as our own Epic take on The Nuge's WANG DANG SWEET POONTANG, Aerosmith's MILK COW BLUES and AC/DC's BAD BOY BOOGIE as well we test out new material for HIGH AS HELL like 'Wrong Side Of a Gun' and 'Blowjob From A Rattlesnake'. Pure unrelenting dirty fucking rock n roll.

track listing http://www.nashvillepussy.com/discography?id=2320

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