New Dates in New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all from all of the Nashville Pussy gang!

Just added 2 more Australian shows, a few more Euro shows and a show in Denver Jan 30

US and CDN Tour this coming March and April will be announced in Jan

Check out the latest autographed rare items for sale and as well the Holiday T shirt sale

Hot Topic List of She-Devils featuring Ruyter and Karen!


Ruyter Suys (Nashville Pussy)

Though this uncompromisingly raunchy quartet will never be radio darlings, the stalwart hard rock four-piece from Atlanta, Georgia has its own loyal cult of pussy worshippers. Never straying from the tried and true subjects of fucking, fighting, and drinking, Nashville Pussy lead guitarist Ruyter Suys (pictured above) and bassist Karen Cuda look like real-life Russ Meyer heroines, and prove that cock-rock isn’t just for the boys. 

Ruyter in Playboy

The recent Playboy on newstands now features a stunning picture of Ruyter from the recent Motorhead tour, and no nipple slip was actually witnessed, she is a professional! Note the inlay on her SG neck and her Voivod wristband.

Nashville Pussy returns to Europe and Australia

Feb 2010 finds Nashville Pussy headlining so far in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands with special guests, then they head down under to play some Australian Festivals and shows in March. April and May Nashville Pussy rock Canada and The USA. More details soon!


Ruyter Suys is #9!