Here's The First Lick Of Cherry Rock's Mean-Ass 2017 Lineup - Music Feeds
Southern rock/psychobilly Nashville Pussy will also be making the trek Down Under for the AC/DC Lane fest. Cherry Rock will take over AC/DC Lane once again on Sunday, 7th May, 2017.

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Various Artists - Elmore Magazine
Nashville Pussy’s Ruyter Suys not only lays down ear-pounding riffs on “Hey Y’all,” but also adds a welcome female presence whether she’s belting out “Strong Enough To Be Gentle” or supporting Jello Biafra on a revved up rendition of “Jim Dandy.” [Read More...]
MOTORHEAD's "Ace of Spades" Covered by Members of MEGADETH, NASHVILLE PUSSY and MORE
Wow, how cool is this? French multi-instrumentalist Waxx invited a bunch of musicians to his bus at this past HELLFEST to record one epic cover of the Motorhead classic in tribute to Lemmy's "Ace of Spades" covered by Members of Megadeth, Amon Amarath, Dragonforce, Halestorm, Nashville Pussy, Sick Of it all, Discharge, Mass Hysteria and more
"Raw, Clever & Tough-as-Nails" - HEAVY METAL
"...raw, clever, tough-as-nails offering of greasy-spoon rock’n’roll that feels like Skynyrd for the depraved and Motörhead drunk on moonshine – the perfect background music for nude motorcycle rallies and whiskey-drinking competitions." [Read More...]
Nashville Pussy – Up The Dosage
"Up The Dosage starts off like a kick to the head, and never lets go. " [Read More...]
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