Nashville Pussy – Keep on F*ckin' in Paris

Nashville Pussy – Keep on F*ckin’ in Paris

Nashville Pussy – Keep on F*ckin’ in Paris Keep on F*ckin’ in Paris – William R. Hufham – Carolina Beach NC
Simply stated… It’s a GREAT dvd! Female guitarist’s play like men. It’s loud and hard with (some) southern influences. Buy it if you like raging rock and roll!
5 Stars For The Band, 1 Star For The Editing…. – “The Woj” – Downers Grove, IL
I totally agree with the other reviews, to a point. A great performance from a flat out killer live band; no argument here whatsoever. Absolutely 5 stars and a must have for any Nashville P*ssy fan. However, the camera editing is terrible. The individual shots stay on screen for a second or less. Rarely do we get a shot of the entire band on stage or of an individual member for more than a nanosecond (and there is maybe only a handful of shots of Jeremy on drums). Personally I found this very aggravating, especially during Ruyter’s guitar solo’s…nudge, nudge. You can listen to the blistering rock ‘n’ roll on this disc over and over (ripping the music onto a cd-r is a must since no other live docutments of the band exist), but may find it very difficult to watch the entire show a second time. So if you love this band, purchasing this dvd is a no brainer, a must have. Shop eBay or zShops to save some cash. However, if you are interested in the band, but own none of their music, I strongly advise purchasing the first album along with the latest release (which may be their best) “Get Some” before this dvd.
One of the best live bands today does not disappoint – Bradley S Britton – Texas
I am a big fan of NP, so this may sound biased but this DVD really rocks. Filmed live in Paris, it does a great job of capturing the intensity, sexuality and hedonism of seeing this band live. There are a few moments though where the camera angles did nothing for me. NP roll through all of their big songs and even pay tribute to the “real” AC/DC (Bon Scott era) with a hot cover of “Shot Down in Flames”. Bottom line, this is a hot and gritty look at one the best live bands in the world today.
NASHVILLE PUSSY: This DVD features Nashville Pussy performing 16 outstanding songs live from Paris, France. It includes bonus Sing-a-long option, bonus video clip and photo slide show. Song Listing: Something Nasty, Struttin’ Cock, Piece of Ass, She’s Got the Drugs, The
Nashville Pussy – Keep on F*ckin’ in Paris

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