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TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2009 14:57

nashville-fromhellNashville Pussy are a band that I've respected for a very long time and not just because they write about sex, drugs, drinking, fighting and rock and roll but because they mean what they say and they say what they mean. When I was offered this interview nobody could confirm who I would be interviewing right up until I called their number and someone answered ... nothing like being unprepared for an interview but as luck would have it, the first words of Pussyness in the interview is done with Ryter (Suys - Guitarist) and the latter part is with Blaine (Cartwright- Vocalist).

Whatever you may be expecting of this interview, the ending is not something I expected but then again, nothing in rock and roll is ever what you really expect!

What can you tell me about your new Album "From Hell to Texas"?

Other than it's fantastic and it's our best yet (laughs).

What is your favourite track off it? Mine is ‘Why, Why, Why'?

That was one of those songs that were written in 5 seconds. It just comes out and you go, "Oh my God, this is so fucking funny". We wrote it on the spot and just went with it whilst in the studio. I mean, it is so fucking funny, we just had to keep it. This is our version of a Slade song.

Excellent. And you're favourite on the Album?

I think mine might be ‘Stone Cold Down'. It's kind of like a ZZ Top meets Led Zeppelin.

Daniel Rey produced this Album as he did your last Album "Get Some" in 2005. Have you finally found a producer who fits in with the style and sound that you're aiming to achieve and would you be working with him in the future again?

Hopefully we will end up doing more projects with Daniel but at this point the union came together perfectly, not just with Daniel but also with the artist that did the artwork on the album cover. We stuck with all the same people from our previous Album. We had Steamboy doing the art and Daniel as Producer. It's like a golden collaboration and a really nice meeting of the minds. Everyone has the same direction and everyone wants to kick fucking ass and it's a really comforting feeling to work with Daniel and Steamboy and to get exactly what you want out of it.

It is an awesome album and awesome album cover.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We just got our first copy of it yesterday and it's fucking fantastic.

You've been signed to a few labels since starting Nashville Pussy. Do you think it's important in the current industry to which label you're signed to?

Its difficult to say because often the record label you're signed with is not the one that fires you (laughs). I would like to think it's important because it's always good to keep good company. Now were with SPV who we share with Motorhead, which I don't want to complain about as you cant really get better than that but the last label we were on had Ted Nugent, which is fine with me as well and we have always kept good company but it just depends what happens in the poor dismal music industry, if they can keep afloat (laughs).

Talking about the poor dismal music industry, I think it's the poor dismal world at the moment.

(Laughs) Yeah, the world caught up with the music industry.

I found out an hour ago that I've just been made redundant from my day job but i'm still rocking.

The irony is this dream job that we have playing rock and roll is actually safe in this world. Our parents were always saying, "Why don't you become this, and why don't you do that" and now were the ones going, "Hey, guess what?"

(Laughs) You need to go back to them now and say that normal society is fucked and we're not!

(Laughs) Exactly.

Musically you fit into many different genres but if you had to pigeon hole your sound what would you call it?

Rock and Roll (laughs) you remember that?

You were nominated at the Grammy's as the Best Metal Band which Metallica beat you to even though you're a rock and roll band. If you were nominated in a rock and roll category would you win the award?

(Laughs) Who knows, I'm sure by the time that happens they will change the definition of rock and roll again. I don't think they even had a category for rock and roll when we were nominated. Best Metal Band was the closest thing they could put us into.

They're too scared to! Keep it boring, lock them in and call them a Metal Band.

I know, it's so wrong.

Moving on to someone that is really close to my heart and I know that you're a big fan of The Black Crowes ...

Oh yeah definitely.

We've got a bit of a dilemma with The Black Crowes at the moment whereby they keep on coming to London and playing a one off show and not playing anywhere else in the U.K.

Good for them (laughs) maybe they're smart. Not to slag them off but they're not going to the fucking Artic Circle like we are (laughs).

You were previously called Hells Half Acre, which I thought was a fantastic name for a band, apart from a few other bands sharing that name, what was the main reason in changing it to Nashville Pussy?

There was actually a Robby Robertson album called that too (laughs) and we decided that it was just too lame.

That was the nail in the coffin for you?

Yeah definitely. We found that between calling ourselves Hells Half Acre and when we played our first gig that there were about 10 other bands with that name and a bunch of shitty records also named the same. When we came upon the name Nashville Pussy we thought that if we have the nerve to give ourselves this name we would definitely rule the world so we had to do it. It was like a challenge to ourselves.

As we all know, your name is thanks to Ted Nugent, it was one of the lyrics in one of his songs. Do you share any of his views that he is so renowned for?

(Laughs) Um ... I like his hair because we both have the same hairstylists which is Mother Nature. I definitely approve of his independent thinking, put it that way. Also, being defiantly strong for himself, he lives what he believes and I think that is fantastic. I'm not a fan of guns, on the other hand, I'm Canadian so have absolutely no interest in shooting anything but if the bombs ever start dropping, I'm running straight to Ted Nugent's house because not only does he have an arsenal but he has a whole lot of meat to eat! I would also like to say that he is possibly the only person in America that I trust with a gun (laughs).

nashville-1You know, I've woken up many times in my life and wished that Ted was my dad.

(Laughs) I've heard that his daughter is really hot but I think she has a lot of trouble dating though.

(Laughing) Daddy and the double barrelled shotgun. You've played stadiums on various tours with Marilyn Manson but mostly you tend to play in a club styled music venue. Sound wise, how does this differ for you?

There is definitely a different feeling when playing a stadium, especially indoor arenas. You get this strange bounce back from the back of the stadium which alters your sound a little bit. You start sounding more like AC/DC (laughs) and slightly less punk rock when you play a size venue like that because it doesn't seem to handle the speed well. Personally, sound wise, I like to play everywhere. There is always something good and something wrong with every venue we play.

Can I have a quick chat to Blaine? (I thought speaking to the front man after speaking to Ryter for so long was going to get me a big NO but fuck it, I'm rock and roll enough to try my luck anyway!)

Yeah hold on, for extra spice I will go and grab him, can you hold on for 2 seconds?



Hey Blaine, how you doing?

I'm doing great thank you.

Where about in the world are you at the moment?

In Demark by some big church watching kids skate around the park.

I'm calling you from London and on Monday we got snowed into our houses.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia and we don't let that shit happen (laughs). We don't like that snow shit. It happened in Atlanta a few years ago and all the restaurants were closed and everything just shut down because people just don't know how to drive and they just start running into each other man.

It was really amazing though walking around and everyone was building snowmen, it was a really community feel.

If a little bit gets in my gloves I want to go in for cocoa man.


Yeah, cocoa and marshmallows man, I love it. I played games in the snow once and I got a little bit cold and wet so I just went into the house to watch TV.

You're renowned for your live shows which have seen Ryter dressed up as Ted Nugent and some other crazy shit going on, what can we expect to see on this tour?

The band has just gotten better and it's just really really good. We don't have any props with us this time. I've got a hat, that's about all I ever do props wise. We're just a more fucking amplified version of ourselves, its kind of what we dress like going out on a Saturday night, just a little more so. Were just really animated.

Without complaining, I've been subjected to many Nashville Pussy Shows and I've got a friend that is going to be coming to your London show with me who has never seen you live before and he asked me what he could expect and all I said was that he would get laid sometime during or after the show!

Right on, there we go, that is what will happen. Everybody wins.

When writing an album, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly I go back on old music. It's what I'm doing right now. I load up a bunch of stuff onto my ipod because I listen to everything man and the tracks just get narrower and narrower to what i'm going to steal from. For our last record, "From Hell to Texas", I had a brainwashing cassette which I would play in my Hotrod and I was driving around Atlanta this summer listening to Abba and Slade. A Slade song and an Abba Song, A Slade song and an Abba song. It just seemed to really make sense. Inspiration as far as lyrics to loans to the shit around the world, there is really enough of it to write about. There is always something happening to me or to a friend that makes for a good story. I have books and books of weird phrases of stuff written down. (Laughs) I'm going to appear like I'm still clever long after I'm not.

Just going back onto something that Ryter and I discussed earlier on when we were talking about "From Hell to Texas" and I said that ‘Why, Why, Why' was my favourite track off the album and she said that it was your tribute to Slade.

We have been trying to write a Slade song for awhile now and I think all 4 of us started playing at the same time and all 4 of us stopped at the same time and it was written. I think it was the easiest fucking song to write in history but you know, the easy ones are hard - it's easy but hard to come by. We just started playing and it was like, "Boom". Slade songs are tricky because there are a lot of us in the production, the way the guitars are layered out so it's really hard to hit on the simple things.

My all time favourite Nashville Pussy song has to be "Atlanta's Burning".

You like that? Really?

I'm South African and we are also the BBQ nation.

(Laughing) "The bullets are flying and the Chickens are frying". Thank you so much! I thought that song was going to be picked up by some of the rappers or something, I thought it would be so obvious. If I befriend one one day, I might say, here is a good line out of one of my songs. I love that fucking song but even people in Atlanta don't come up to me and say anything about it. It has become an ignored classic man. Even with the line, "The King of the BBQ nation", it's like from that area of the country and no one has ever said anything. I always thought I was very clever for writing that and that it would catch on somehow. Hopefully it will be played at baseball games or basketball games. There is a cocaine reference but besides that, I don't think I cuss in it. I even thought it might be on a commercial or something. I sang that song in my head forever and it as so fucking difficult for everyone to learn it, that was a really difficult easy song. I had to sing it to everybody and then we had to work it out. I think it was one of those songs that I forced on everybody like it is really a Blaine song. On the new album there is a song called "Lazy Jesus" and everyone knows it was a song that I wrote about myself.

I think "Why, Why, Why" is going to be right up next to Atlanta's Burning for me.

Fucking great, you like the catchy ones then. I've just done a bunch of interviews with Germans and they said that I'm not a mean as I used to be. Daniel our producer is very good on emphasising the hooks, hooking the hooks together.

What is your reality? Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll or something more mundane?

I think I do all of those way more than the average person. I'm on the road with my wife so I get away with murder on all of those dude. (Laughing) If we can't find anyone else for the night, we find each other (laughs) I'm just joking. You will always find someone with drugs if you look hard enough. I definitely like listening to rock and roll on the way to playing a rock and roll show so it seems to be all of the three. We like having a good time.

Finally, any words of Pussy Wisdom for our readers?

Here are some words of wisdom man. Never underestimate the power of drinking with the right people. Seriously, just make sure you drink with the right people and who knows what's going to happen!

Thank you very much. I will see you at your London Show.

Cool thank you. Can you bring the drugs so I don't have to look too far? (laughs).

-Tazz Stander

Tazz Stander
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