Live Review: Motörhead and Nashville Pussy Oct 1st, 2009 – Vancouver, BC

(Photo – Scott Alexander)

Live Review – Motörhead w/ Reverend Horton Heat & Nashville Pussy
Thursday, October 1, 2009
The Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC

There are simple guidelines that make any gig going venture a successful one.  First, make friends with the bartender the moment you arrive. Second, bring large friends to secure your place at the front of the stage and third, make sure those friends have money and can carry 3 beers in each hand without spilling any.  If you managed all three of these at the Motörhead show Thursday night at the Vogue Theatre then you are one of the many people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are deaf as a post today.

Straight from Hell (via Texas), the sexiest band in Rock and Roll, Nashville Pussy, opened the show with high octane and plunging neck lines.  Playing every show like its their last gig ever, Nashville Pussy cranked out song after song of crotch infused rock!  New material was pure super-charged Pussy, almost more Pussy than previous Pussy, yet still as Pussy as Pussy gets… from Nashville that is.  Their psychotic finish was an amazing chaotic crescendo of busted strings and feedback. Pretty sure someone shit their pants over that one, wow!

Single-handedly keeping warm summer nights and cruising in convertibles alive and well, The Reverend Horton Heat took over from there and shook things up with country-fed punkabilly. As the psycho-billy troubadours of the whiskey and cigarette set, Reverend Heat and the boys give credence to beer soaked brawls, hot rods, drug induced craziness and, of course, cacti. Raucous and bass heavy, you could feel your heart palpitating in your chest as they relentlessly thundered through their set. Mercy, mercy me.

Finally, the loudest, tightest 3 piece in existence took the stage and beat us all silly. After 34 fucking years of bludgeoning our senses one thing is abundantly clear, Lemmy is God and Motörhead is eternal. The current line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee (playing together since 1992) is as good a combination of players as Motörhead has ever had.  Ripping through “Stay Clean,” “The Bomber” and “Killed by Death” (like hot knifing butter) proved you can’t change or improve upon perfection. The flashing lights and syncopated beats of a freight train collision combined with repeated pile drivers to the solar plexis and ear splitting aural mana are what keep Motörhead vital and easily the loudest and most consistent act out there.

What more could you ask for? How about an acoustic encore of “Whorehouse Blues” with Lemmy on harmonica followed by “Ace of Spades?” We’ll you got that too, so shut the hell up already!

This was a rather unusual, yet appropriate line-up for a Thursday night gig, but Southern fried Rock and Heavy Metal go together like tissues and pornography so everyone went home happy.

Grim Culhane
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