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Music DVD Review: Nashville Pussy - Live In Hollywood

Nashville Pussy is an American hard rock band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe surprisingly to the general public, they have been nominated for a Grammy for the song "Fried Chicken And Coffee."

Most of their song titles are not that tame and the usual subjects are sex, drugs, drinking, fighting, and rock & roll. Need proof? Here’s a list of a few song titles that are acceptable for a family website review: "Going Down Swinging," "Good Night For A Heart Attack," "She’s Meaner Than My Momma," "Hate and Whiskey," "One Way Down," and "Shoot First Run Like Hell."

Obviously Nashville Pussy is not your radio friendly unit shifting hard rock band. Really though, they don’t care. Any suggestion that they tone it down to sell more units would probably be met with a swift fist in the teeth.

The band has changed bassists a few times, but the core consists of husband and wife team Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys (Pronounced Rider Sighs) on guitar with drummer Jeremy Thompson. Bassist Karen Cuda is the third female bassist to join the band.

A high energy cross between AC/DC and Motorhead, Nashville Pussy hits the stage with a sonic flurry that does not let up. There aren’t any slow numbers in their set and the between song banter is usually limited to a few words. At one point Karen does spit Jack Daniels from her mouth to an audience member before launching hell bent into the next song.

Ruyter Suys is an amazing guitarist whose playing is only overshadowed by how she manages to keep her chest inside her t-shirt. There must be some kind of space age polymers going on there because despite repeated viewings, yes in slow motion too, I could not figure out how she did it.

There are 19 songs on the DVD including a cover version of "Nutbush City Limits" that you have to see and hear to fully get. Extras include “Pussy’s Home Movies” such as interviews in France and Australia, jam sessions with Blaine, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie alternate intro, and fan footage. The band is very liberal about taping their live shows so there is probably a lot of footage out there still. You get a lot for your money with this DVD.

Very popular in Europe and in the hard rock underground, Nashville Pussy is destined to become one of those bands that are remembered by the truly cool people.

Russ Evenhuis
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