babysue Review of "Get Some"

Nashville Pussy remains one of the best hard rock bands on the planet. At a time when so many bands are softening their sound and staying away from vulgarities and offensive behavior, the folks in this band still proudly display their raunchy redneck tendencies every chance they get. Hell, the first two tunes alone ("Pussy Time," "Come On Come On") will instantly scare off anyone who is easily offended. We never noticed it on past releases, but this time around these folks sound something like an updated dirty version of Slade. The tunes are straightforward 4/4 rock crunchers. This band isn't trying to inject new ideas into the mix...they continue providing the same kind of slam-it-in-your-face rockers that they started out playing. And that is a very good thing. Far too often, bands with a great sound and image start tampering with it and before you know it...they've lost everyone in the process. Frontman Blaine Cartwright's guitar and voice sound as great as they did when the band began. The man can really beat a guitar into the mud...and he has one of the best harsh raspy voices in the business. His guitarist/wife Ruyter Suys is a fierce competitor however...and her presence makes the tunes really roar. Rounding out the band are Jeremy Thompson (drums) and newcomer Karen Cuda (bass). Get Some is yet another explosive collection of all-out rockers from a band that refuses to tame down or give up. Kickass cuts include "Hate and Whiskey," "Hell Ain't What It Used To Be," "Nutbush City Limits," and "Meaner Than My Mama." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Professor Don W. Seven
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