Say Something Nasty Album Release

Say Something Nasty is the new Artemis album by Nashville Pussy. Frontman Blaine Cartwright declares in no uncertain terms that “It’s our best album yet and we’re gonna shove it up America’s ass!”

Blaine’s words are— like John Lee Hooker says—“no brag, just facts.” This 15-track set of raunchy, high-voltage Southern guitar rock features the best songs and sharpest production yet from this Georgia-based quartet. Say Something Nasty includes such hilarious, hard-rocking originals as “You Give Drugs a Bad Name,” “Keep Them Things Away From Me,” “Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati and Kick The Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy,” and instant classic “Keep On Fucking”

To record Say Something Nasty, Blaine explains, “we went back to Glasgow, Kentucky and worked with [producer] David Barrick. I knew him from my old cowpunk band, Nine Pound Hammer,. Warm tones and cool vibes is what David provides. He installed the board, he engineered all the sessions—he’s the whole show! David works with everyone from gospel groups to local metal bands and bigger acts like The Kentucky Headhunters and Bernie Worrell.”

The entire album took less than three weeks to track and mix. “Glasgow is in a dry county, which kept everyone concentrated,” notes Blaine. “It’s impossible to score any weed, and the nearest beer is 30 miles away. You can’t even buy a Playboy magazine! So the only place to go every day was the studio.”

Say Something Nasty contains eleven new songs written by Blaine Cartwright, although “I credit everybody because of their contributions.” Two other standouts are “Beat Me Senseless,” recorded for a Circle Jerks tribute album, and a blazing take on Johnny Winter’s  “Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo.”

Formed in 1996, Nashville Pussy are; Kentucky-born singer/guitarist Blaine Cartwright, the scorching female lead guitarist Ruyter Suys (pronounced “Rider Sighs”) from Canada, drummer Jeremy “Remo” Thompson from Texas, and fellow Kentuckian Katie Lynn Campbell a/k/a “Vampire Girl” on thunderous bass The band’s debut album, Let Them Eat Pussy, was released on Amphetamine Reptile in 1998 and quickly picked up by Mercury Records for international distribution. Astonishingly, a track entitled “Fried Chicken and Coffee” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Nashville Pussy’s second disc, High As Hell, was released in 2000 on TVT Records. Two cuts from High As Hell – “Wrong Side of A Gun” and “Shoot First and Run Like Hell” – were featured in the film Super Troopers and on the soundtrack album. “Our songs get put in the best scenes” Jeremy brags, “this time it was during the drunken highway patrol rampage.”

This is one “people’s band” that has garnered some surprisingly favorable press. Philadelphia’s City Paper called Nashville Pussy “arguably the funniest, raunchiest, most kick-ass group in rock today.” The Orange County Weekly wrote: “Nashville Pussy [are] a guilty pleasure—swaggering, menacing, hedonistic, riveting—yet they don’t come off as contrived…Part of their potency, no doubt, is that they’ve got excellent musicianship to back up the glimmer.”

For nearly six years, Nashville Pussy has virtually lived on the road. Headlining and opening for everyone from Marilyn Manson to Motorhead to even Lynyrd Skynyrd. “Out of the last six months, we’ve been home for about three weeks,” says Blaine. “We don’t go home!” They’ve held their own in venues ranging from The Cannes Film Festival to a Hell’s Angels festival in France to the 2000 “Tattoo the Earth” tour with Slipknot, Slayer, and Sevendust. During a European festival tour in the summer of 2001, the band managed the astonishing feat of playing four different European festivals within 40 hours in three different countries!

Contrary to popular belief, a Nashville Pussy concert is not a live sex show. “I’ve seen it in the front row though,” says Blaine with a grin. “We get the same stories that follow any crazy, high-energy rock and roll show. Hell, when I was growing up, I heard that one night on stage, Alice Cooper threw a puppy into a big electric fan – Nashville Pussy doesn’t do that either.”

“We just try to create a situation where anything can happen. We always have good shows in places like Indiana, where there’s nothing else to do.”

Perhaps the key line in Say Something Nasty comes from the anthemic, uproarious “Keep On’ Fuckin’!,” in which Nashville Pussy declares “even a dog can understand it.”

“That’s what this album and this band are really about,” declares Blaine Cartwright. “We rock for the stupid and the smart, and our audience runs the gamut every night, but everyone wants to get laid. We’ll be closing with ‘Keep on Fuckin’!’ for the next 20 years."

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