Nashville Pussy purrs on 'From Hell to Texas' - Surrey Now
Lock up your daughters, sons and liquor: Here comes Nashville Pussy.

The cool thing about the decade-old Nashville Pussy is that it employs Ruyter Suys (pronounce it "rider size"), a Vancouver-raised guitar queen who is married to the band's leather-lunged vocalist, Blaine Cartwright.
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WRUV Reviews » Blog Archive » From Hell To Texas
Chicken-fried, bourbon-steeped, American sleaze boogie that sounds like the truckstop-fuck love child of Motörhead and Reverend Horton Heat. ... [Read More...]
Killer review in Power Play magazine
This is the band's crowning glory and not to be missed.
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All Music Review
'America's answer to Motörhead'
'it's awfully hard not to want to crawl into the back of the van and ride into the sunset with them'
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From Hell to Texas by Nashville Pussy on Blurt Online
This is the comeback album AC/DC should have written, starting with the cowbell-whacking cock-rock strut of "Speed Machine,"

they hit you with the first of many classic slop-rock solos from guitarist Ruyter Suys
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