Howl - Nashville Pussy Does the Dog
It's called High As Hell, and it's pretty much Let Them Eat Pussy, Part II. Blaine Cartwright stills howls things like "We're gonna piss all over your town!" while sounding like Bon Scott with a gullet full of Drano, Ruyter Suys still has her Chuck Berry-via-Angus Young licks down pat, and Corey Parks and Jeremy Thompson still do the backseat boogie with the best of 'em. [Read More...]
Review of High As Hell in In Depth
"High As Hell" is sure to please and rock n roll fan. Blaine, Jeremy, Ruyter and Corey pound away on their instruments for the love of rock and it shows! Rating 4 of 5 [Read More...]
Review of High As Hell in The Cutting Edge
Here we are over a year later and the Pussy are back with a new opus, High As Hell, salvaging the triple bill, Motorhead circus. "We've got too many damn friends in this town not to play," said vocalist/guitarist Blaine Cartwrght to the crowd, then plugged in his Les Paul and tore into Go Motherfucker Go. NP were in fine form. [Read More...]