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9 LB. HAMMER 'Country Classics' cd

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The boys put the Hammer to classics by Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb and others. They even turned in an amazing version of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown that sounds like the Ramones came back to life and now play like CCR. But the real treasures are the Hammer Classics done straight forward country style. Such gems as 'Stranded Outside of Tater Knob' and 'Dead Dog Highway' are given the full blown bluegrass treatment with banjo, fiddle and mandolin. It's a perfect combination. This CD also features guest appearances from Andy Gibson of Hank 3, and Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy as well as others.
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Dick Delcious's Vulgar Display of Obscurity CD
The Worlds Heaviest Party Metal Band, Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles has always been one of Nashville Pussy's favorite bands. 'I was always jealous of them' says Ruyter
'A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity' is the latest release by the creators of such classic ear raping songs as Diarrhea and Big Stinky Pussy Introducing member Constance X (aka Ruyter Suys) (g/v) to the already stellar line up of Dick Delicious (g/v) Hugh G. Rection (b/v) and Stupidasso (d/v).
'You wouldn't know to look at her but she's a perfect Dick!' states Hugh.
The latest album has been getting rave reviews. 'I couldn't be more impressed with the taste of our growing audience, as if there was a hole that could only be filled by us.'
Slinging Pig is proud to release the official Expanded version of A VULGAR DISPLAY OF OBSCURITY with 10-panel lyric fold-out and of 80 minutes of music and 40 tracks. 'Quantity over Quality is our motto' says Dick.

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Kentucky Bridgeburners Sing Nine Pound Hammer CD

That's the description I heard constantly when I had to take over on vocals for the last Nine Pound Hammer tour. Like Nashville Pussy playing Nine Pound Hammer songs, which is very fucking cool! -Blaine Cartwright
Less twang but MORE BANG!!
Thanks to the good people at Wild at Heart in Berlin we have a professional live recording of an amazing show!!
Slinging Pig Records is proud to announce the cd release of that very show.

'The Kentucky Bridgeburners Sing Nine Pound Hammer'

The band is on fire!! You can hear the birth of Blaine Cartwright's new band The Kentucky Bridgeburners as they tear the shit out of all the Hammer classics.
It's the 2nd in our Bootlegging The Bootleggers series. Recordings from our private collection that rock way too hard not to be unleashed on the world!

13.99 includes shipping WITHIN North America
17.99 includes shipping OUTSIDE North America

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Holy Shit! Live NASHVILLE PUSSY from 1998. This recording captures the band during the inception of their raw adolescent fury. This shit is on fire. Recorded at a festival in RENNES France. We haven't found our volume knobs or everything just is fused on 10 from sweat. It sounds like we are trying to kill the audience or at least beat them into submission. This is the best recording we've ever heard of our early years and we had to share it with you. Our first French appearance! We play pretty much all the classics from LET THEM EAT PUSSY as well as our own Epic take on The Nuge's WANG DANG SWEET POONTANG, Aerosmith's MILK COW BLUES and AC/DC's BAD BOY BOOGIE as well we test out new material for HIGH AS HELL like 'Wrong Side Of a Gun' and 'Blowjob From A Rattlesnake'. Pure unrelenting dirty fucking rock n roll.

track listing http://www.nashvillepussy.com/discography?id=2320

The limited pressing CD available only here!!

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SaySomethingNasty Picture disc RARE
SAY SOMETHING NASTY PICTURE DISC RARE as hen's teeth. This kick ass record operates on many levels. You can A) Put in in a frame and show off your classy taste in rock n roll B) Turn it into a clock with a simple craft kit then give to yer grandma or C) Play the damn thing on a record player like you're supposed to dammit - it kicks ass. no shit
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Series Z Festival Compilation cd!!
One of the Greatest Rock Festivals ever. In the heat of the summer on the South Coast of SPAIN, existed on hell of a party.- This compilation features album cuts from the kickass lineup of 2002!! Included is Hanoi Rocks, Dictators, Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, The Bell Rays, Raging Slab, The Nomads, Five Horse Johnson, and more - 20 songs in all. Put out by WildPunk Records - these were handed to the artists that played that year - and these are Nashville Pussy's personal copies. 20$ North America and 25$ everywhere else- shipping is FREE
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Strangeland CD
The CD soundtrack from Dee Snider's movie STRANGELAND. Nashville Pussy's track 'I'm The Man' is featured in the movie

1. Dee Snider - Inconculsion
2. Sevendust - Breathe
3. Megadeth - A Secret Place
4. Pantera - Where You Come From
5. Anthrax - P & V
6. Snot - Absent
7. Dayinthelife... - Street Justice
8. Coal Chamber - Not Living
9. Bile - In League
10. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Tooth
11. Soulfly - Eye For An Eye
12. (hed)p.e. - Serpent Boy
13. Eminem - Fuck Off
14. The Clay People - Awake
15. System of a Down - Marmalade
16. Nashville Pussy - I´m the Man
17. Crisis - Captain Howdy
18. Twisted Sister - Heros Are Hard to Find

20$ domestic 25$ international (includes shipping)
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The Kentucky Bridgeburners - debut album HAIL JESUS!
From the ashes of NINE POUND HAMMER like Lazarus from the dead, The Kentucky Bridgeburners HAIL JESUS! has risen. Singing Pig Records is proud to announce the release of the best thing since 'Let Them Eat Pussy' and 'Hayseed Timebomb'. HAIL JESUS! is the Gospel album Blaine Cartwright was driven to do all his life. 'I grew up on old RnB, Gospel and punkrock like the Sex Pistols, I've always wanted to marry those inspriational sounds in Holy Matrimony.'
Inspiring members of both Nashville Pussy and Nine Pound Hammer to his cause - this album is as raw as it is inspiring. 'It's the best thing I've ever done' says Cartwright.

The HAIL JESUS! CD comes in a fold out Digipack featuring original artwork by 9 Lives Alex DeMeyer

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