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The Kentucky Bridgeburners - debut album HAIL JESUS!
From the ashes of NINE POUND HAMMER like Lazarus from the dead, The Kentucky Bridgeburners HAIL JESUS! has risen. Singing Pig Records is proud to announce the release of the best thing since 'Let Them Eat Pussy' and 'Hayseed Timebomb'. HAIL JESUS! is the Gospel album Blaine Cartwright was driven to do all his life. 'I grew up on old RnB, Gospel and punkrock like the Sex Pistols, I've always wanted to marry those inspriational sounds in Holy Matrimony.'
Inspiring members of both Nashville Pussy and Nine Pound Hammer to his cause - this album is as raw as it is inspiring. 'It's the best thing I've ever done' says Cartwright.

The HAIL JESUS! CD comes in a fold out Digipack featuring original artwork by 9 Lives Alex DeMeyer

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