Mar 20, 2009
black market roller derby music video for Nashville Pussy. Done by the amazing BOB RAY of Crash Cam productions. This was shot in Austin TX. with a pack of great friends and super cool soon to be friends. As you cn tell we were having a blast. This is a rare glimpse of the first Roller Derby going in America at the time. A bunch of these chicks went on to be in the A and E reality show on Rollergirls. This is alsoa rare glimpse of the rollergirls getting along- soon after they split into two factions but still continue to roll and beat eachother up! This video also features our third bassist KatieLynn Campbell performing on Bass. Little known fact - the bass onthe album SAY SOMETHING NASTY was actually played by Tracy Almazon our 2nd bassist but she quit the band soon after the record was completed. You can see Jeremy's brother wearing the red bandana near the end of the vid. Thanks BOB! anther little known fact - we had to cut out a lot of the blood from the original cut so it could air on Canada's MUCHMUSIC. We had a great shot of Jeremy getting clotheslined by the roller girl in the silver helmet and hit spitting out his teeth. They also made us cut ut the part where pages of the Bible were getting ripped out. But what remains is rock n roll history!
Mar 20, 2009
This Video was made again by the genius Bob Ray of CrashCam. Once again in the glorious city of Austin TX. This vid fetures a bunch of stolen footage from Performances at Emo's. It was put together real fast for MuchMusic who did in fact complain about all the awsome drug use and sexy stuff so Bob started censoring then just ran with it. All the dramatic bits are stolen from his full length feature movie ROCK OPERA - his first full length movie featuring every miscreant he knows in Austin gettin high and trying to get their band on the road - classic stoner movie. Nashville Pussy's Fried Chicken And Coffee is in the movie during the scene where a guy takes a shit on the bathroom floor - classy all the way, that 'us!! Little Known Fact - TRACY ALMAZON is in this video! And the main character of the movie is in jail! Also - the guy doing the Nitrous IS Bob himself!
Go Motherfucker Go
Mar 20, 2009
OUR FIRST VIDEO!! Our buddy John Eder made this for us in LA at an old Bowling Alley. We had a casting call so the audience is a wild and weird combination of wanna be actors and actual kick ass fans. He had made videos for STP and shot shitload of album covers including Monster Magnet's Powertrip.
Blaine's one request for the shoot was that he get to "spit on the camera"

The cool car was borrowed for the shoot- it later turns up in a HOLE video (but Courtney had to pay to use it)
If you look close you can see the actress Olivia Barash from Repo Man is in the audience, The guy fucking the hot chick in the bathroom is from Circus of Power. John Eder made killed two birds with one stone as he used this as an audition tape to work for Quentin Tarantino.