Go Motherfucker Go
Mar 20, 2009
OUR FIRST VIDEO!! Our buddy John Eder made this for us in LA at an old Bowling Alley. We had a casting call so the audience is a wild and weird combination of wanna be actors and actual kick ass fans. He had made videos for STP and shot shitload of album covers including Monster Magnet's Powertrip.
Blaine's one request for the shoot was that he get to "spit on the camera"

The cool car was borrowed for the shoot- it later turns up in a HOLE video (but Courtney had to pay to use it)
If you look close you can see the actress Olivia Barash from Repo Man is in the audience, The guy fucking the hot chick in the bathroom is from Circus of Power. John Eder made killed two birds with one stone as he used this as an audition tape to work for Quentin Tarantino.